Web Security

Get the best web security to protect your information flow on the internet. We offer web security with an objective of establishing rules and policies to counter attacks from the internet. Since the internet is largely an unsecure channel, the information flow to and from the net is susceptible to high degrees of risk.

Our web security services provide numerous solutions suited to your budget and preference. We help you monitor the information flowing into and out of your network. Our web security mechanisms allow only authorised information and data to pass through. Such measures ensure that there is a limited exposure to the external access and may also hide the internal systems and network.

We provide web security against a variety of threats including malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransom ware and spyware. We also offer services to help resolve denial of services attacks. We are equipped to handle all your needs with respect to web security. Your best defence against web based attacks is to seek professional help to comprehensively analyse and help eliminate vulnerable areas of your IT infrastructure.

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