System & Server VA/PT

Strengthen your company’s internal information technology network which can aid you in improving your security.

Make your company’s systems and server secure by availing of our system and server vulnerability assessment services. Organizations have been known to have their internal networks and systems disrupted due to attacks by hackers and malicious software. With advanced levels of technology available to individuals across the world, they are able to threaten servers, computers and internal networks of bodies anywhere. Hackers typically look for a weak spot in any network to launch their attacks. They enter the web security from this weak area and inject worms, viruses and Trojan horses which are instantly installed, at times, without detection. To avoid such incidents, you need to conduct a vulnerability assessment of your systems and servers. As your servers are the most critical part of your IT infrastructure, you need to be especially careful with respect to their security.

We help you ensure that your systems are not compromised by conducting a thorough systems vulnerability assessment. We understand that even if one system gets threatened, your entire network may be at risk. This could be catastrophic for your data and information including your intellectual property rights. We help in identifying the weaknesses of your systems and servers and recommend measures to strengthen them. We assist you to recognize the areas of exposure to malware and help develop protective mechanisms. This decreases your vulnerability to external threats. We help to deploy data encryption, firewalls and host authentication processes. With our expertise, you can manage the risks which arise from within the organization as well as from the internet. Our professional team members conduct a risk assessment of your IT infrastructure and consult with you to deploy mitigation strategies.

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