Incident Response

We provide expertise in Malware analysis and Cyber forensics. Our response is expeditious, effective and prohibitive of similar attacks in future. As hackers become more sophisticated with their techniques, out tools also get upgraded continually to detect and destroy them.

Web attacks are continual threat which causes incidents recurrently. We provide malware and spyware detection services which help to prevent the disruption of performance of your information technology systems. We help you identify the exact nature of attack as per its property and behaviour. This helps to suggest the appropriate response or course of action when such an incident occurs. From the moment you contact us, we move speedily to ensure that the cause of this incident does not fester and affect any of your further resources.

We also conduct Vulnerability assessments to help reduce the possibility of subsequent attacks on your systems. Our aim of conducting a vulnerability test is to assess the level of threat to your information technology network and develop an efficient incident response mechanism. We help you to prevent your computer systems from being compromised. We provide packages to help you prevent theft of your company’s business information and reputation. Our incident response processes keep the data and issues of our clients confidential.

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