Business Model


Hourly model is perfect for short-term projects or one-time projects. For a short association, it is very convenient for the clients to pay according to the resources used. This model is really flexible and yet you can employee the expertise of our team.

The hourly model has no time restrictions. Just pay for the number of hours of work done by our team. In simple words, pay only for what you use.


Want a cost effective, affordable payment model for your work? Our monthly model is best for you. No complications, no big contracts, no yearly agreements, nothing! Just pay as long as you want our services and that’s it!

If you don’t want the hassle of long binding annual contracts, but have enough amount of work not suitable for hourly rates, then our monthly model is perfect for you.


Describe the services you want, we will send you the pricing for the complete umbrella of services and it’s done.

It is best to bid a quote when you want more than one services from us. All our services cost differently. So if you want a bunch of our services, bidding for a quote is the best solution. We will sum an appropriate cost and send you the quotation, keeping strict focus on cost efficiency.

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