Business-Card Designing

We design your business cards to convey the right image of your business.

Business card designing is an art. It is a convenient tool to convey your organization and business image. Due to it’s small size, the text, graphics, colour and shape need to be just appropriate to convey your intended message. We understand the constraint and have a creative team to maximize the impact. We engage with you to understand your business, your objectives and your target customer.

If we use images they are of minimum 300 dpi for good quality results. We use both RGB and CMYK methods to arrive at the best colours. While RGB colours are vibrant CMYK are best for print media. We make sure that the text we use is readable in size and easy on the eyes with respect to the font. We make different types of business cards. These include full colour, partial colour and black and white cards. The business cards designed by us are great conversation starters too.

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